For a total immersion in the wildlife and to benefit from privileged moments at the heart of nature, the Eco-Village of Enamino proposes a comfortable, small capacity accommodation in large lodge-tent.
Located on a small rocky cliff lining a long and deserted beach, our eco-friendly resort comprises a central “Restaurant-Bar-Reception” hut and 2 bungalows of 4 beds each.
Totally eco-aware in its design, our eco -lodge is powered by solar energy and oil lamps and occasionally with a small generator. To minimize our environmental impact, we collect rain water and use tech waste processing by composting and burning rubbish.

You’ll love our traditional huts designed like the typical houses of the “Ogooue-Maritime”, built with local materials such as bamboo, raffia, bark and straw.
Our 2 tents of 30 m² have exotic wooden floors, elevated above ground, each tent is equipped with:
  • 1 double bed
  • 2 simple beds
  • Mosquito nets on the windows
  • 1 bathroom beside the tent with ceramic toilet
  • Traditional bucket shower with rain water
  • Warm water heated by wood fires.
  • Terrace with an sea field view
  • Sheets, towels and blankets supplied (useful during the dry season!)
Bivouac camping outside in the rainforest is possible, in tents with double-beds.

A panoramic overview on the sea,
from which you will observe
By night, the waves full of phosphorescent plankton 
By day, dolphins and sea turtles on the rocks in front of the lodge...

Discover and taste typical African food, “Odica”, “Nyenboué” and "Cassav leaves”
You will appreciate :
  • Delicious fish caught on site
  • Famous oysters of Enamino
  • Braised marinated chicken and other grilled meat
  • Fruits and vegetables from our own vegetable gardens or neighbouring plantations: pineapples, papayas, coconuts, bananas, avocados, and cassava roots
  • Fresh drinks : local beer, soda, minerals waters and wines
  • Picnics provided for all the day trips


Set between rainforest and ocean, alongside a still perfectly intact virgin beach, the Enamino site offers the choice between relaxation and activities.
A jewel case of special flora offering a unique and privileged view of animals coming all the way to the beach from the nearby rainforest lining the ocean, the beach abounds with :
  • Ghost crabs and shells in the sand
  • Many species of sea turtles (leather-back, green, olive ridley, hawksbill and more rarely the loggerhead) come to lay eggs on the beach from October to March.
  • Hippopotamus, sitatunga antelope, duiker, forest elephant (assala), Western lowland gorilla or chimpanzee between the 2 lagoons surrounding the site.
Rocking softly in your hammock facing the ocean, you can observe : 
  • Dolphins swimming peacefully in groups along the waves in front of the lodge,
  • The spectacular jump of the humpback whale which comes to mate and deliver in July and August, in the warm sea of Gabon.
You can listen to the well-defined songs of : 
  • The Gabon coucal, the hadada ibis
  • A multitude of birds easily observable from the site: colony of rosy bee-eaters, flight of grey parrots, long-legged pipit, several species of sunbirds, hornbills, turaco, sea-birds, plovers and pink-backed pelican.
  • Additionally, you may surf on Enamino’s rolling waves and fish from the beach.

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